OPL Technology Gets Big Boost in Bringing Web3 Privacy Cross-chain

Bringing privacy to web3 dApps has always been a top priority for Oasis Network. Without the tag of being a privacy alt, Oasis has been rather focused on using privacy-preserving techniques like trusted execution environments or TEEs in their blockchain technology so that Solidity developers can create dApps for web3 users where their data privacy rights are maintained. To that end, Oasis has given the industry its first-ever confidential paratime – Sapphire. But must all dApps be natively created in Oasis? What about the dApps of other EVM chains and how do they get access to privacy solutions? The answer lies in the cross-chain customizable privacy tool – the Oasis Privacy Layer or OPL.

OPL is a tremendous achievement in interoperability. Powered by Oasis Sapphire, it has two components – the message-passing bridge and the gas relayer. It’s the best way to leverage cross-chain privacy solutions on any EVM web3 dApp, and there’s no need for migrating chains or inconveniencing the users in any way. In fact, the message-passing bridge ensures that all data to and fro are encrypted and signed while the gas relayer ensures the users can pay for the extremely low-cost gas fees for the transactions payable in the native chain’s tokens only.


The Celer Interchain Messaging (IM) messaging framework integrated with Oasis Sapphire that was announced recently will give a great boost to OPL functionality as it will be the key to connecting the native EVM chain and Sapphire. As a result, Solidity developers will be able to leverage the unique confidentiality features of Oasis that offer customizable confidential state and privacy solutions to the dApps.

On top of this, the engineering updates for May saw Oasis releasing the first version of the Oasis fork of OpenGSN for early adopters.

With these crucial developments now live, OPL functionality to ensure privacy for web3 dApps becomes handy for developers. This is especially great news for those leveraging OPL features for their dApps to be showcased during the upcoming hackathon.

What hackathon? The P4W3 hackathon, of course. Stay tuned for the Oasis Rendezvous in Paris on July 19 for more details. In the meantime, get rolling with OPL technology and get your web3 dApp to the next level of user experience with assured privacy.

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