$CENA Token Pumps Hit The Top Crypto Gainers List On DEXTools

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The recently released memecoin known as $CENA, which is based on WWE superstars, has made its way onto the Top Crypto Gainers List on DEXTools. Since $CENA first made waves on DexTools, its value has steadily climbed, which has piqued the interest of traders and investors.

What is the $CENA token?

The astounding market value of a billion dollars and the remarkable million in trading volume of memecoins show that the industry as a whole has experienced significant growth recently. As a result of the optimistic market environment, new meme currencies like $CENA have been created, and their prices have skyrocketed ever since they were introduced.

John Cena [$CENA] is a newborn token based on the Ethereum blockchain designed after the charismatic and successful pop culture figure, John Cena. The group is made up of experts in the fields of finance, technology, and marketing who are enthusiastic about developing new blockchain-based products and services.

Furthermore, the $CENA token shares important characteristics with other newly available tokens, including a cheap transaction price of 3%, which makes it attractive to a large audience. Because there is no central authority regulating the network, buying, trading, and holding the $CENA token is safe and easy on the Ethereum blockchain.

Users can have faith in the platform and its workings because the blockchain technology that underpins the $CENA token allows full transparency for all transactions and holdings. The number of $CENA tokens in circulation remains constant, which increases the rarity of the token and, presumably, its worth.

Memecoins like the $CENA token make it simple for anybody to take part in the token economy by allowing users to purchase, trade, and keep tokens in any wallet that supports the ERC20 standard. In creating the $CENA token, the team’s overarching goal was to attract and maintain a loyal fanbase that was as enthusiastic about John Cena and his work as they were.

To achieve this goal, they have launched an intensive advertising campaign. The $CENA token is presently being utilized as a means of investing in John Cena’s legacy, but it hopes to broaden its use cases soon. See our guide to the best memecoins to buy here.

The $CENA token is the latest entry into the competitive cryptocurrency market, which is now experiencing explosive growth. And similarly to how other memecoins are starting to emerge on the market, the effort offers intriguing possibilities for investment.

There are currently $3.49K worth of $CENA tokens in circulation and a total supply of 1000.00 billion tokens. Currently, there are just 134 owners, and it is trading at its current price of $0.000000003491, according to DEXTools.

However, it should be noted that the $CENA token does not offer any essential services, which has led to further doubt regarding the endurance of its attraction. In addition, the lack of activity that can be seen on the project’s social media accounts raises questions about both the project’s ability to survive in the long run and the possibility of it being a scam.

At this point, certain individuals are labeling it a fraud, and it appears that it could be a honeypot, which is a scheme that is intended to lure investors towards spending but does not permit them to sell their investments.

While $CENA is facing skepticism from investors, things are looking great for another cryptocurrency with an ape motif called Chimpzee. See our guide to the best altcoins to buy now here.

Chimpzee – Altcoins that are worth investing in today

Some have called Chimpzee the hottest charity initiative on Web3, and the highly anticipated 6th stage of its crypto presale has begun. Experts in the field have speculated that the venture could spark the next big cryptocurrency surge.

The innovative crypto platform earned over $680k through sales of its $CHMPZ token, allowing users and investors to make passive income while protecting animals and battling climate change.

If investors participate in the $CHMPZ presale before the total amount raised reaches $750,000, they will be eligible for a bonus of up to 300% of their initial investment. See our guide to the greenest cryptos to invest in here.

As soon as they reach this goal, Chimpzee will make a contribution to an organization that is dedicated to the preservation of black jaguars. The presale is entering its seventh stage in just two days, at which point $CHMPZ will increase in value by 4.5%, from $0.00067 to $0.0007.

Given that $CHMPZ will float on major exchanges this year at a price of $0.00185, early investors stand to make capital gains of up to 275%. This work has the potential to set the standard for future socially conscious endeavors, and observers would do well to keep a watch on its progress.

Take part in the $CHMPZ presale at chimpzee.io.


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